Selected collection of visual artworks

Illustration · Calligraphy · Graphic design


Most people are illustrators, at least for the early years of their lives. I wasn’t any different, but consistency and some talent gave me the chance to try different techniques, materials and styles. Here’s a collection of visual pieces I’ve made so far. They include digital and physical pieces, illustrations, and even logos. I hope you enjoy them.

Remote work tips

This series started as a side project at work. I contributed with digital illustrations that were posted daily during 32 days with recommendations on best practices for working remotely.


I learned about Gothic calligraphy and fell in love with it, especially the Fraktur type. I taught myself how to do it in the iPad and the final outcome was these calligraphy posters.

Grapphite, ink, pencils

In design school I was exposed to a multitude of materials and techniques for image-making, in small and large format.

Stone mosaics

During my time in the Catholic seminary, I created two 3ft by 6ft stone mosaics. They were made mainly of granite and marble. Each stone was individually shaped with a grinder machine and placed into the clay. The structure was then flipped to replace the clay with cement.


My entry to design was logotypes and brands. I became a freelance brand designer and worked with clients mainly from Peru, Costa Rica and Brasil.