My journey has had multiple turns

I come from a humble home in Peru, where I was encouraged to pursue civil engineering, although I preferred architecture. I majored in engineering for three years, but then I felt compelled to follow my faith more closely in a Catholic seminary. I studied some theology, philosophy, and history—subjects that had always interested me. As my experience deepened, I discovered I was called to serve God in the secular life.

This was also my chance to finally pursue a carreer in design! So, I moved to Costa Rica to study advertising design, where I also worked as an anthropology college professor and a freelance brand designer for some years. My fascination for Silicon Valley then took me to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I completed my design degree at SJSU and worked in multiple teams at SAP as a product designer.

I’m currently based in downtown Chicago, where I work for DocuSign in the automation of agreement generation and negotiation, at the SMB and enterprise market levels.

What I'm up to

If I'm not drawing, you might find me teaching myself new creative skills, or most likely playing basketball.