As a designer, I've been working in product development for Silicon Valley software companies, and as a UX design consultant for Fortune 500 companies. At my core, I strive to transform complex processes into intuitive and seamless experiences.

I believe intuitive design can help equalize success rates in complex experiences —especially for people who are technologically underserved.

In my daily work, I collaborate with product owners, delivery leads, technical leads and other stakeholders to create value for people and business. My design approach is marked by "less is more" without compromising clarity and accessibility.

My journey has had multiple turns

I come from a humble home in Peru, where I grew up fascinated by arts, technology and philosophy. I majored in engineering for three years, but then I felt compelled to follow my faith more closely in a Catholic seminary. As my experience deepened, I discovered I was called to serve God in the secular life.

This was also my chance to pursue a carreer in design, which I found to be the intersection of my passions. I moved to Costa Rica to study advertising design, where I also worked as an anthropology college professor and a freelance brand designer for some years. My fascination for innovation and creativity pushed me to immigrate to the United States, where I completed my design degree with an emphasis in UX design. I then worked in multiple companies and moved around several times (from the San Francisco Bay Area, to Chigago, to West Michigan).

I've been humbled by how many good people I've met, the innumerable lessons I've learned, and the number of opportunities God has put before me. My aim is to give back the blessings I've received!

I will sing the Lord’s praise, for he has been good to me.

— Psalm 13:6

What I'm up to

If I'm not drawing, you might find me teaching myself a new creative skill, cleaning and organizing the house, reading, or most likely, playing basketball.

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