DocuSign Gen — automating agreement generation

A Salesforce application to generate templatized agreeements with a single click—Private Project.

Private project — upgrading a startup MVP

A web application to improve workplace 1:1 meetings. As the team's sole designer, I shaped Dabra's brand and user experience.

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SAP CX Live — crafting B2B2C prototypes

In this 3-month fellowship, I helped optimize startup prototypes for SAP's largest annual customer conference in Orlando, FL.

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Cyclical — inventing and patenting a product

I invented a physical product and patented it (slowly by surely) without a lawyer. Soon on Kickstarter!

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Unity in Diversity Flag — graphic design thesis

A graphic representation of a diverse society with an emphasis on unity and freedom of speech.

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Visuals — selected visual artworks

A collection of old, recent, digital, physical and thoughtful visuals, or just eye candy. I hope you enjoy them!

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