Javier Yep,
Hi there! 👋🏽 My name is Javier, and yep, that's my last name. Welcome!
Currently, UX Design Lead at MichiganLabs. Previously at DocuSign and SAP.
I've invented a few things, one of which I got patented without a lawyer.
Like most people, I started drawing as a little child, but I never stopped!
good guy
Thanks for visiting my portfolio website. Make yourself at home!

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Taking a startup MVP to the next level

A web application to prepare and improve 1:1 meetings in the workplace, developed by an internal SAP startup.

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DocuSign Gen

Automating agreement generation

A Salesforce application to generate templatized agreeements with a single click (private project).

Private project


Crafting prototypes for customer experience

Two startup prototypes optimized for SAP CX Live, SAP's largest annual customer experience event in Florida.

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Inventing and patenting a physical product

An easy-to-use eternal calendar that helps reduce paper waste, which I invented and patented without a lawyer.

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Unity in Diversity Flag

Rallying for unity in divisive times

A social flag designed to stand for unity in the midst of our necessary and everlasting differences.

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Selected collection of visual artworks

A collection of art pieces, illustrations, calligraphy and graphic design pieces. I hope you enjoy them!

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As a designer, I strive to transform complex processes into seamless and intuitive experiences, creating value for people.